Escuela La Ciénaga, Jujuy

MEMORIA ESCOLAR is a project of school and documentary photography that aims to take the picture for free to students and teachers of Rural Public Schools in Latin America, starting with Argentina, where access to professional photography is limited or null, In order to highlight and value the mission of the rural school, within the framework of the national educational system, and in this way, visualize through photography the social and individual characteristics of each educational space as well as leaving in the students an imprint of his school life.

We travel with a professional printer and in this way we can deliver the pictures to you at the moment! Within the project are the following points to develop:

1. School picture of each student.

2. Group photography.

3. Documentary photography inside and outside the classroom.

4. Documentary photograph of the place where the school is located.


From this great objective, SCHOOL MEMORY aims to:

1. Value the step for Public Education.

2. Generate equal opportunities for children living in rural areas.

3. To make visible the importance of photography as a social and family document.



Photographs are images that summon, signify and project history. Photographs understood as historical construction are a potential for the investigation of school and social organizations.

The immediate sensation that happens to us when observing a photograph is the connection with the past and the memory that it can attract, both of the subject photographed and of the context in which it happened. The image-memory relationship also involves silences and emotions that lead to remembering the lived space.

The passage of children by school age is a mark in their development. The friendships, the dress, the games, the teachers, the physical space of the institution, mark a vital time of its growth, for that reason we believe that documenting this stage is as necessary as it is important.

Moreover, in documentary photography these images can be accompanied by individual and shared stories, which help to revive those memories with the people who were present at that moment. All this set of components is con fi guring narratives that produce readings and understandings of the history of each one, so that you can know and value the trajectories that cross.


The development of this project requires the intimate connection between the photographer and the community with all that that means for the student, teachers and families of the chicxs who can see solidarity as learning

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